Customer's Fabric Perfect Pleat Roman Shades 
Romanzia Folding Roman Shades are Built to Last 

Horizontal pleats are sewn alternately across the back and front of the shade. 

Romanzia uses a customer's own decorative fabric to make Romanzia Perfect Pleat Roman Shades. First, we custom fuse the decorative fabric to one of our own special linings. Then we cut it, fold it, and sew it to the customer's exact specifications. Finally, we fit it to the customer's choice of headrail / lift system.

All of Romanzia's Roman Shades conform to the American National Standard for the Safety of Corded Window Covering Products (ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2014).

Notice:  Beginning on January 1, 2018, all styles of Customer's Fabric ROMAN Shades will only be available on a "quote first" basis.

Quote-Order Forms are available at the bottom of this page.

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Standard Features

  • Your choice of Blackout or Translucent Lining heat fused to your fabric.  
The standard lining color is white. Colored linings are available for a 5% upcharge.

  • Romanzia's horizontal back pleats are reinforced with aluminum micro–bars.
Nickel plated eyelets are set through these reinforced back pleats to guide the lift cords – there are no sewn-on rings to pull off. Safety shrouds are fitted to lift cords between pleats to prevent hazardous cord loops from forming.   
  • Deluxe Front-Mounted Headrail System 
    with Top Flap, Cord Guide Pulleys, and Cord Lock.

The standard Roman Shade lift system consists of a 2" deep, front-mounted headrail with a cord lock and cord guide pulleys - all hidden by a top flap of matching fabric. Headrail ends are covered with matching fabric caps. Draw cords are color coordinated with the face fabric, finished with a wood tassel pull, and accessible from the front of the shade.

Please note that top flaps are essentially a functional element - they are designed to cover a shade’s hardware system. A top flap can be expected to "flap out" when the shade is drawn up tightly beneath it. If a drawn shade needs to be completely hidden, a separate valance should be planned.

  • Shades are pleated at 4" between pleats.

    Maximum pleat size is 4". Shades can be 
    custom pleated to match your fabric. 
    Add $60 to the price of the shade.

  • Wing Nut Brackets for Easy Installation.  
    Roman shades with our standard front-mounted hardware system or with our optional bead-chain lift system are mounted using wing-nut brackets. These wing-nut brackets are used for both inside and outside mounts. Roman shades ordered with a traditional, back mounted headrail are mounted using angle iron brackets for outside mounts and long screws for inside mounts.
  • Minimum Width - The minimum width for a Folding Roman shade is 9”.
  • Maximum Width - The maximum width for a Folding Roman shades is 144”.

Available Options

  • Colored Lining
Ivory, Cream, Ecru, Khaki, and Brown blackout linings, as well as Parchment translucent lining, are available and can be substituted for Romanzia’s standard white linings. Add 5% to the price of the Roman shade.
  • Flame Retardant Lining.
Add 5% to the standard shade price. Please note that any fabric or trim supplied by the customer must already be flame retardant for the finished shades to be flame retardant. Romanzia does not provide flameproofing service for fabrics, trim, or finished shades. Romanzia makes no claims as to the fire retardancy of its products other than passing through the flame retardancy certifications of the linings that are used.

  • Headrail Behind the Shade. 
    (Traditional Headrail.)

Shade is mounted off the front of a 1½" deep headrail with cord lock, pulleys, cord, and wood tassel pull behind. No top flap. No additional cost.
Roman shades ordered with a headrail behind the shade are mounted using angle iron brackets for outside mounts and long screws for inside mounts. Cord color will match face fabric unless otherwise requested.

  • Banding and Trimming.
Romanzia can fabricate and apply banding made from a fabric supplied by the customer - or apply pre-made banding or trim to roman shades. 
Please fax or e-mail Romanzia Customer Service with details for a quote.

  • End Flaps (for outside mount only). 
Optional end flaps attach with hook and loop fasteners to the headrail ends and hang to the length of the top flap. End flaps are not attached to the top flap - the top flap remains free to flap out when shade is drawn tight underneath. When ordered, end flaps replace standard end caps. Add $24 per shade.
  • Cordless Lift Systems.
Romanzia Perfect Pleat Roman Shades are offered with optional cordless lift systems. Shades with cordless lift systems operate by pulling and releasing the bottom hem of the shade. There are no accessible cords. Size and weight limits apply and depend on the weight of the fabric and lining selected. Please call Romanzia Customer Service for advice and a quote.
  • Bead Chain Lift Systems.
A bead-chain lift system allows a shade to be operated with a single bead-chain loop. For child safety, all bead-chain loops need to be tied down with a tension devise. Accordingly, bead chain lift system headrails and top flaps need to be wider than the body of the shade - so that the chain can be tied down on one side without interfering with the shade as it stacks up.

On an outside mount shade, the headrail and top flap will be 1” wider than the body of the shade.

On an inside mount, the space between the shade and the jamb will be about 7/8” on the chain side and 1/8” on the non-chain side.

On shades ordered with a bead-chain lift system behind the shade, no special additions or deductions will be made - but the system may be hard to reach and operate.

All bead-chain lift systems have a 2" deep headrail. Standard bead-chain colors are 
ivory, white, grey, brown, black, and stainless steel.

A variety of motorization options are available - ranging from battery powered lift systems to heavy-duty 110-volt lift systems. Motorized shades can be controlled with your choice of handheld remotes, wall switches, or home automation systems. 
Please fax or e-mail Romanzia Customer Service with details for a quote.

Perfect Pleat Roman Shade Dimensions

Measuring & Ordering Notes

  • How To Measure
    Please specify width and length to the nearest 1/8". Also note whether the shade is to be mounted inside the window casing or outside the window casing. When an inside mount is specified, our workroom will make the proper clearance deductions. When an outside mount is specified the shade will be made the exact width and length ordered.

  • Outside Mount Overlap
    Shades mounted outside the window casing should be allowed to overlap the window casing if possible. We recommend an overlap of at least 1/2" on each side. The more overlap, the better the coverage.

  • Railroading Fabric
    In many cases, it may be advantageous to “railroad” a customer’s fabric - to run the fabric horizontally across the face of the shade. Seams would be hidden in the horizontal back pleats. There is no extra charge for railroading.

  • Cleaning
    When needed, Romanzia shades may be cleaned as they hang in place. Use a brush, vacuum, or dry cleaning process (if recommended by the face fabric manufacturer).

Window Covering Cord Safety Alert

    Young children can STRANGLE in cord and bead chain loops. They can also wrap cords and bead chains around their necks and STRANGLE.
    • Always keep cords and bead chain loops out of children's reach.
    • Move cribs, playpens, and other furniture away from cords and bead chains. Children can climb furniture to get to cords and bead chain loops..
    • Do not remove lift cords from lift cord shrouds.
    • Attach bead chain loop tension devise to window casing, wall or floor. This can prevent children from pulling cords and bead chains around their necks. Fasteners provided with the tension devise may not be appropriate for all mounting surfaces. Use appropriate anchors for the mounting surface conditions.

    Please be aware that bead chain control loops present a strangulation hazard, particularly to young children.

    To address this important issue, the window covering industry has adapted the American National Standard for Safety of Corded Window Covering Products. The latest version of that Standard, ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2014, is now in effect.

    Romanzia has always taken product safety seriously and we have always done our best to meet or exceed all Industry Safety Standards including product testing, product labeling and tagging, product education, and the use of accessories like bead chain tension devises that are compliant to the Standard.

    The lift cords on the back of Romanzia's Roman Shades (the styles that use lift cords) are fitted with safety shrouds between the pleats to prevent hazardous cord loops from forming. Each Roman Shade design has been tested using the Hazardous Loop Testing Procedure, Assembly, and Probe described in Appendix D of the American National Standard for Safety of Corded Window Covering Products (ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2012).  The test results show that no hazardous loop can form from the shrouded cords on the back of the Roman Shades described in Romanzia's 2013 Catalog and Price List.

    All Romanzia products that are made to be operated with a bead chain control loop are packaged with a tension devise that is compliant with the latest American National Standard for Safety of Corded Window Covering Products. Before any product with a bead chain control loop is shipped, a tension devise is attached to the bead chain in such a way that "unless properly installed or altered from the shipped condition with a sequential process or tools, it prevents the window covering from operating".

    When the product is installed, the tension devise MUST be properly installed in order to mitigate the strangulation hazard. If the product is installed by a window covering professional or anyone other than the end user, all warning tags and product warning labels MUST remain on the product for the end-user to read and understand.

    For complete safety, parents and caregivers should consider cordless window coverings alternatives like our Spring Roller Shades, Romatech Cordless Shades, Motorized Shades, or Panel Track Shades.

    Perfect Pleat Roman Shade Information and Order Forms