Romatech & Romasafe Shades with Wood Headrails
Both Manual Romasafe Cordless Roman Shades and Romatech Chain Drive Roman Shades are available with conventional wood headrails. Motorized Romasafe Roman Shades are also available with wood headrails.

Wood headrails can only be mounted behind the shade - with the shade falling straight down from the front edge of the headrail.

Manual Romasafe Cordless wood headrails are 2" deep. Romatech Chain Drive wood headrails are 3" deep.  Motorized Romasafe wood headrails are 2" - 3 1/2" deep depending on the size of the shade and the size of the motorized lift system.

Romatech/Romasafe Shades with wood headrails are made by forming horizontal pleats across the back of a shade panel using the patented Romatech™ No-Sew Shade Batten System, then fitting the shades with a band lift system consisting of UV treated clear polyester bands, band guides on the back of the no-sew 
battens, and a lift mechanism mounted under the wood headrail at the top of the shade.

The patent-pending band guides are made from clear polycarbonate and slide into the back channels of Romatech no-sew  shade battens.