Chain Drive Roman Shades by Romanzia
made with your choice of fabric from the Romanzia Fabric Collection – 
including most Phifer Sheerweave sunscreening, translucent, and blackout fabrics.

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Romatech Chain Drive Roman Shades use a bead chain lift system to raise and lower the shade. Chains are provided with a tension device for child safety. The tension device must be installed for the shades to operate properly.

Sleek, miniature pleat battens, band guides, and clear polyester bands are used to lift the shades into neat folds.
• Back pleat spacing is unlimited.
• Pleats without pinpricks of light.
• Manual Shades up to 96" wide. Motorized up to 192" wide.
• A wide range of motorization options including battery powered, solar powered, plug & play 110 Volt AC, and wired low voltage. Motorized Romasafe Shades have tube-reel lift systems powered with the same motors that are used for roller shades.
• Standard Turned & Sewn Bottom Hem with enclosed weight. Exposed and Covered Baserails are optional.
• Custom made in Chetek, Wisconsin USA.
The patent-pending cassette positions the shade close to the window while allowing the lift bands efficient access to the lift mechanism.

The shade fabric wraps around to cover the front of the cassette.

Universal spring clip brackets allow easy, snap-on installation.
Cassette Mounting & Dimensions 
Chain Drive Roman Shades with Conventional Wood Headrails

Romasafe Chain Drive Roman Shades are also available with conventional wood headrails. All other features are the same.

Wood headrails can only be mounted behind the shade - with the shade falling straight down from the front edge of the headrail.

Wood headrails for chain drive shades are 2" - 3 5/8" deep depending on the size of the shade.

Romatech Shades with wood headrails can also be motorized. Motorized wood headrails are 2" - 3 1/2" deep depending on the size of the shade and motorized lift system.

All shades are custom made in Chetek, Wisconsin USA.

The patent-pending band guides are made from clear virgin polycarbonate and self-align in the back channels of the pleat battens.

Lift bands are crystal clear and highly UV resistant.

The Romatech Compact Headrail is now available. Click here.
Compact headrails can be fitted with a chain drive band lift system or a motorized band lift system.

Romasafe Roman Shade Motorization
When a Romatech chain drive shade is motorized, it becomes a cordless "Romasafe" shade. Any Romatech/Romasafe Roman Shade can be motorized (both Cassette and Wood Headrail). Romanzia offers both Somfy and Rollease Automate Motorization.

Somfy Romasafe Roman Shade Motorization

Somfy Motorization offers:

12 Volt DC Battery-Powered Motors with external Reloadable Battery Packs. Somfy battery powered motors provide a perfect solution for windows in areas where wiring would be difficult. Standard battery packs contain eight AA lithium batteries which must be replaced periodically. Battery packs with rechargeable AA batteries and solar chargers are also available.

12 Volt DC Battery-Powered Motors with built-in Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries offer another great solution for windows in areas where wiring would be difficult. Batteries must be recharged periodically.

24 Volt DC Transformer-Powered Motors. Somfy offers a great selection of 24 Volt DC motors for when low voltage wiring is preferred.

110 Volt AC Motors. Somfy AC Motors are strong, quiet, and dependable - the traditional choice for windows where 110 Volt power is available.

The Somfy RTS Radio Remote Control System. Somfy offers a complete line of handheld remote controls, wireless wall switches, network controls, and smart home controls including Somfy myLink.

Rollease Automate Romasafe Roman Shade Motorization

Rollease Automate Motorization offers:

12 Volt DC Battery-Powered Motors with built-in Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries. Automate battery powered motorized shades are a perfect retro-fit for existing homes or small commercial projects. Li-ion powered motors require no electric wiring, no external battery pack and no complicated installation. There is a Rollease Automate battery-powered motor for every size shade - up to 192" wide. Motors must be recharged periodically. Solar chargers are available.

12 Volt DC Transformer-Powered Motors. Automate DC powered motorized shades are an excellent choice when designing a new home, motorizing an entire existing home, or planning a small commercial project. DC wired shades are maintenance free and low voltage DC wiring keeps installation costs to a minimum.

110 Volt AC Motors. With high lifting capacities, Automate AC Motorized Shades are a great choice for homes and commercial projects where 110 Volt power can be provided.

The complete line of Automate Controls including Paradigm handheld remotes, wireless wall switches, and smart home controls including the Automate Pulse WiFi Bridge.


Powered by an Automate 12 Volt DC Battery-Powered Motor with a built-in Rechargeable Li-ion Battery.


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