The Romasafe Compact Headrail with Rollease® Automate Motorization

RomasafeCompact Headrail - Mounting

Power Supplies for Automate Compact Headrail Motors

Automate 12 Volt DC Compact Headrail Motors can be powered with:

External Reloadable Battery Packs. Reloadable battery packs contain eight AA lithium batteries which must be replaced periodically.

External Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries.Batteries must be recharged periodically. Solar Chargers are also available.

Plug in DC Transformers with 6", 48" or 96" low voltage power cables. Multiple-motor power supplies for low-voltage DC wired applications are also available. Contact Romanzia Customer Service for details.

Automate Control Options

  • Paradigm Remote Controls are available in white 1-channel and 15-channel versions. The 15-channel remotes also feature a touchpad level control along with the ability to hide unused channels for easier scrolling and selection.
  • Flush Wireless Wall Switches offer 5 channels for control. Any single channel or all 5 channels can be selected for operation at any time. Easy installation without the need to cut into the wall.
  • Cut-In Wireless Wall Switches are available in white 1, 2, and 15-channel versions. Switches fit in a standard cut-in switch box. The 15-channel version has the ability to hide unused channels for easier scrolling and selection. Surface mount kits are available.
  • Push5 Remotes come with 5-channels plus a built in All-channel. In a sturdy new design.
  • Automate Pulse WiFi Hub

The Automate Pulse WiFi Hub is available for all Automate Remote Controlled Motors. The Pulse bridges the space between your iOS or android phone and your ARC™ protocol shades.


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