The Romasafe Compact Headrail with Somfy® Motorization

RomasafeCompact Headrail - Mounting

Power Supplies for Somfy Compact Headrail Motors

Somfy TL25 12 Volt DC Compact Headrail Motors can be powered with:

External Reloadable Battery Packs. Reloadable battery packs contain eight AA lithium batteries which must be replaced periodically.

External Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries. Batteries must be recharged periodically. Solar Chargers are also available.

Plug in DC Transformers with 118" low voltage power cables.

Multiple-motor power supplies for low-voltage DC wired applications are also available. Contact Romanzia Customer Service for details.

External Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery Packs with rechargeable AA Ni-MH batteries and solar chargers.

The Somfy® RTS Radio Remote Control System

The Somfy® myLink RTS Smartphone and Tablet Interface

Control Somfy RTS shades from virtually anywhere using your favorite mobile device. The easy-to-use app includes an intuitive on-screen setup wizard where users can create timed events and schedules. The Somfy myLink is also IFTTT and Alexa-enabled making it possible to control RTS shades using simple voice commands.


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