Romanzia Uses Phifer SheerWeave Sun Control Fabrics


Natural light can be a beautiful design element with a little sun management. Elegantly managing the sun's heat and glare can be accomplished with Phifer''s Sheerweave sun control fabrics. Sheerweave''s light-filtering qualities defuse light, reduce glare and help control solar heat gain to make any room a more comfortable environment. As Sheerweave filters and defuses light, it also helps reduce the fading of textiles and interior furnishings. Sheerweave fabrics provide energy-efficient solutions by reducing the amount of solar heat gain. While lighter color fabrics reflect light and illuminate the interior with just the right amount of light, darker fabrics provide a superb view to the outside and absorb light making them ideal for viewing computer and television screens. The openness of a fabric refers to the weave or mesh structure and determines the amount of heat and light that enters a room. A more open fabric allows more heat and light to penetrate through, while tighter meshes block more heat and light. Sheerweave fabrics are offered in a variety of openness factors to allow optimal light in commercial buildings or provide more privacy for such applications as hospitals and doctors offices.


With a whisper of light and color, SheerWeave fabrics are the perfect complement to any interior decor. The simple yet beautiful weaves of SheerWeave fabrics add a rich, subtle texture without taking away from the overall interior design scheme. Simple, clean and classic, the aesthetic quality of SheerWeave allows it to be used in combination with other draperies and window coverings. Are large windows in your architetural design? SheerWeave is available in wide widths to cover large window openings. Phifer''s exciting palette of styles, patterns, colors and weaves can provide you with the tools you need to create the perfect look for your next window covering project. If one of the Phifer stock lines does not work with your interior design, use our Special Weave Program to create one that will. From restaurants and offices to hotels and homes, Phifer SheerWeave has been used in residential and comercial spaces worldwide. SheerWeave fabrics provide the perfect balance of light, comfort and beauty making them the ideal window covering solution. 


Phifer's quality standards are among the highest in the world. All Sheerweave fabrics are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Tuscaloosa, Alabama USA under strict guildlines through ISO 9002 certified production processes. From yarn coating to packaging, every step of the production process is checked to ensure only the finest quality fabrics are given the Phifer name. Sheerweave fabrics are as durable as they are beautiful to handle high-traffic applications with ease. Independent laboratory testing found SheerWeave fabrics to meet or exceed flame retardancy and bacteria/fungal resistancy requirements. These fabrics are easy to maintain, as they require only occasional cleaning using a mild detergent, brushing and rinsing. 

Please see our Fabric sample cards or contact Romanzia's customer service for further fabric certifications and specifications.