ZG ZeroGravity Cordless Shades

with Romanzia's Fabrics

Romanzia ZeroGravity Roller Shades are an ideal cordless window covering solution

Romanzia® ZG ZeroGravity Roller Shades

Romanzia ZeroGravity Roller Shades can be raised and lowered by simply urging the base rail up or down by hand with little effort. No chains or cords are required, making this product ideal for spaces where children may occupy the room or building. The unique design uses a specially developed balanced spring that counteracts the weight of the blind, reducing the normal lift effort by up to 95% while keeping the blind in perfect balance throughout its travel.

The primary requirement for using a ZeroGravity system is that you must be able to reach the full range of the installed shades height.  For long shades to operate consistently lifting from the center of the bottom hem is advised.

ZeroGravity Spring Roller Mechanisms are mounted in 1 1/2", 2", or 2 1/2" diameter metal rollers - depending on the size of the shade. The minimum width is 12"; the maximum width is 144". The length of a shade may be limited by the weight of the fabric.

ZeroGravity Roller Shades are available in your choice of over 250 Fabrics from the Romanzia Fabric Collection – including most Phifer Sheerweave Sunscreening, Translucent, and Blackout Fabrics.

Optional Somfy Motorization for shades up to 180" wide. Basic, economical Wand-Controlled Motors are available for smaller shades.

ZeroGravity Spring Roller Shades with Skyline Brackets

Standard Brackets.

Wall and Ceiling Mounted - Inside or Outside the window jamb.

Extension Brackets.

Can be Wall or Ceiling Mounted - Inside or Outside the window jamb.

XL-Extension Brackets. Can be Wall or Ceiling Mounted - Inside or Outside the window jamb.

Advanced Cordless Roller Shades with Optional Square-Front Aluminum Fascia

Fascias snap onto special fascia brackets. Standard finishes are White, Vanilla, Bronze, Silver Gray, and Black. Fabric covered fascias are also available for an extra charge. 

Fascia can be left plain or . . .

your Fascia can be Fabric Covered to match or contrast with your shades.

Standard Metal Fascia Colors

Bottom Hem and Baserail Choices

Standard Turned and Sewn Bottom Hem with enclosed weight and sealed ends.

Optional Fabric Wrapped Baserail - end caps coordinate with fabric color.

Optional Exposed Metal Baserail - in colors White, Grey, or Bronze.

Standard Pulls for Cordless Roller Shades with Standard Turned Hems:

White or Ivory Tassel Pull.

Clear Plastic Pull.

Brass or Nickel Ring attached with a matching shadecloth strap.

White or Ivory Chrocheted Ring Pull.

Optional Shade Topper Valances 

Shade Topper Valances are available in the hem styles pictured here and in "Scalloped and Trimmed Hems" below.

Valances attach to a mounting board (included) with a hook and loop fastening strip.

Valances should be ordered with a face width at least ½” wider than the bracket to bracket width of the shade they cover.

Maximum valance width is 144". Maximum valance length is 12" including trim.

Scalloped and Trimmed Hems

Any Romanzia Roller Shade can be ordered with a Scalloped and/or Trimmed Hem.

Hems are finished with a trim supplied by the customer, banding made with fabric supplied by the customer, or with French Gimp supplied by Romanzia (a choice of over 200 colors - see French Gimp Trim).

To determine how much trim to send, please contact Romanzia Customer Service.

Colony Scallop with Customer's Trim

Seaside Scallop with French Gimp Trim

Straight Hem with Customer's Banding

Caroline Scallop with Customer's Trim

Roller Shade Motorization

Romanzia offers Somfy Motorization on shades up to 180" wide.  Basic, economical Wand-Control Motors are also offered for smaller shades.

Somfy Shade Motorization

Somfy Motorization offers:

Battery-Powered Motors with built-in Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries offer a perfect solution for windows in areas where wiring would be difficult. Batteries must be recharged periodically. Solar Chargers are available.

Battery-Powered Motors with separate Reloadable or Rechargeable Battery Packs provide another great solution for windows in areas where wiring would be difficult. Standard battery packs contain eight AA lithium batteries which must be replaced periodically. Solar charging options are also available.

Low Voltage DC Wired Motors.  Somfy offers a great selection of 24 Volt DC quiet motors for when low voltage wiring is preferred.

120 Volt AC Motors. Somfy AC Motors are strong, quiet, and dependable - the traditional choice for windows where 120 Volt power is available.

The Somfy RTS Radio Remote Control System. Somfy offers a complete line of handheld remote controls, wireless wall switches, network controls, and smart home controls including Somfy Tahoma.

Wand-Controlled Battery Motors for Roller Shades

Wand motors offer a quiet, reliable, low cost solution for motorizing your roller shades.

These motors have built-in Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries - controlled individually with an easy to use Control Wand.  Batteries must be recharged periodically. 

General Information

How to Order:

Please use a Romanzia Order Form to place your orders.  Order forms may be accessed at our website or requested from Romanzia Customer Service at 715-924-2960.  Romanzia Customer Service will also be happy to help with any questions.

Commercial Accounts:

Romanzia sells window covering products through interior designers and window covering dealers nationwide.  If you are regularly engaged in the business of selling window coverings, you may apply for a dealer account with Romanzia. Dealer Account Applications are available by calling Romanzia Customer service at 715-924-2960 or by accessing www.Romanzia.com.

Rush Orders:

We will do our best to complete your order in a timely manner.  If you have a deadline, please let us know and we will try to work with it.  If accommodating your deadline is not possible within our regular work schedule, we may be able to schedule overtime help to complete your order on a rush basis.  Please check with Romanzia Customer Service to see if rush orders are being accepted.  If so, a 20% rush charge will apply.

Change Orders:

Order changes or cancellations may only occur before the start of production.


We will gladly calculate pricing for any of your projects.  Larger orders may qualify for a quantity discount.  Please e-mail or fax a detailed description of your job to Romanzia Customer Service (you can use a Romanzia Order Form and check "Quote Only" at the top). 

Shipping Charges:

Shipping charges are billed to the customer.  We will always do our best to send your order by the best and most economical means possible.  Orders with one or more items that exceed the FedEx size restrictions must be shipped by truck.


Romanzia products are guaranteed to be free from defects for a period of five years from the date of purchase. Romanzia reserves the right to correct any such defect. The cost of shipping replacement parts or replacement shades is covered by this warranty. 

This warranty does not extend to fabric or trim supplied by the customer, normal wear, or damage as a result of abuse or misuse. This warranty does not cover the cost of labor or other consequential expenses related to the on-site repair, removal, or re-installation of products.

A Note about Edge Curling

All shades are susceptible to some degree of edge curling. Edge curling can be caused by variations in temperature or humidity between the window and the room. We have selected shade materials that are soft and stable in order to minimize edge curling. We cannot, however, guarantee that your shades will not show some degree of curling.


ZeroGravity Roller Shades with Romanzia Fabric, Price List

ZeroGravity Roller Shades with Romanzia Fabric, Quote and Order Forms

Motorized Roller Shades with Romanzia Fabric, Quote and Order Forms

Special Install Instructions:

Remove the 'Blue Shipping Lock' prior to mounting the shade in its brackets.  Leave the paper safety bands on till the shade is in the brackets to prevent the need for large adjustments.

Due to the center Locking button, additioal pressure may be required to get the locking teeth to fully engage the brackets.