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Romanzia specializes in Roller Shades, Manual & Motorized, made with Phifer Sheerweave Sunscreening, Blackout, and Translucent Fabrics. 

We proudly make everything we sell at our factory in Chetek, Wisconsin USA.

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Romanzia Fabric 

Shade Toppers

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Square Fascias

Romanzia Shade Motorization

Any Romanzia Roller Shade can be motorized. 

Romanzia offers Somfy Motorization on shades up to 180" wide.  Basic, economical Wand-Control Motors are also offered for smaller shades.

Somfy Shade Motorization

Somfy Motorization offers:

Battery-Powered Motors with built-in Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries offer a perfect solution for windows in areas where wiring would be difficult. Batteries must be recharged periodically. Solar Chargers are available.

Battery-Powered Motors with separate Reloadable or Rechargeable Battery Packs provide great solution for smaller windows in areas where wiring would be difficult. Standard battery packs contain eight AA lithium batteries which must be replaced periodically. Solar charging options are also available.

Low Voltage DC Wired Motors.  Somfy offers a great selection of 24 Volt DC quiet motors for when low voltage wiring is preferred.

120 Volt AC Motors. Somfy AC Motors are strong, quiet, and dependable - the traditional choice for windows where 120 Volt AC power is available.

The Somfy RTS Radio Remote Control System. Somfy offers a complete line of handheld remote controls, wireless wall switches, network controls, and smart home controls including Somfy Tahoma.

Wand-Controlled Battery Motors for Roller Shades

Wand motors offer a quiet, reliable, low cost solution for motorizing your roller shades.

These motors have built-in Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries - controlled individually with an easy to use Control Wand.  Batteries must be recharged periodically. 

Window Covering Cord Safety Alert

Please be aware that cords and bead chain control loops present a strangulation hazard, particularly to young children.

To address this important issue, the window covering industry has adapted the American National Standard for Safety of Corded Window Covering Products. The latest version of that Standard, ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2018, is now in effect.

Romanzia has always taken product safety seriously and we have always done our best to meet or exceed all Industry Safety Standards including product testing, product labeling and tagging, product education, and the use of accessories like bead chain tension devises that are compliant to the Standard.

All Romanzia products that are made to be operated with a bead chain control loop are packaged with a tension devise that is compliant with the latest American National Standard for Safety of Corded Window Covering Products. Before any product with a bead chain control loop is shipped, a tension devise is attached to the bead chain in such a way that "unless properly installed or altered from the shipped condition with a sequential process or tools, it prevents the window covering from operating".

When the product is installed, the tension devise MUST be properly installed in order to mitigate the strangulation hazard. If the product is installed by a window covering professional or anyone other than the end user, all warning tags and product warning labels MUST remain on the product for the end-user to read and understand. 

For complete safety, parents and caregivers should consider cordless window coverings alternatives like our Spring Roller Shades, Motorized Shades, or Panel Track Shades.

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